Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military by Husain Haqqani

Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military

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Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military Husain Haqqani ebook
ISBN: 9780870032141
Page: 397
Format: pdf
Publisher: Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

The Assassination in Abbottabad was a strategic catastrophe for the military rulers of this slowly and painfully failing state. Kerry-Lugar Bill, his recent book “Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military” and the most recent alleged Memogate were enough stuff to knock him down from his position at earliest possible. On the one hand, it leaves the reputation of Pakistan as an effective its Islamic identity, by fomenting hatred of India, and by marketing itself to the US as a geostrategic hedge (for more on this read the book entitled “Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military” by the Pakistani ambassador to the US, Hussein Haqqani). In particular, fundamentalist Islam has steadily deepened its hold in Pakistan since military ruler Zia ul Haq took power in 1977 and then cooperated with Saudi Arabia and the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to fight off the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan with the weapons of religion There are few contacts between the real centres of power, diffused as it is in India and concentrated in the military across the border. Hussain Haqqani, in his book Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military notes,. Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military. Haqqani's detailed account of the relationship between the Pakistani military and Islamic radicals in his 2005 book " Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military " was seen. Based on my experience, I would recommend two good books on this: 1) Husain Haqqani's “Pakistan: between Mosque and Military” and 2) MJ Akbar's “Tinderbox”. This excerpt from Hussai Haqqani (recent Pakistan Ambassador to US) book "Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military" A story from Haqqani's book nicely epitomizes the pattern. Military assistance; yet the power of such promises is tempered by the strong links between Pakistan's military-intelligence apparatus and extremist Islamists” — Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military by Husain Haqqani. Rather than write a lengthy review of Pakistan: Between Mosque And Military , here is a pertinent excerpt from one already published in the Wall Street Journal: After each of Pakistan's many coups, Mr. Mostly anti-Pakistan experts use his book "Pakistan: between mosque and military", to quote against the country. The war also exposed the shortcomings of Pakistan's declared strategic doctrine that the "defence of East Pakistan lay in West Pakistan". Http:// pr_0_xy. It was a disaster for Pakistan.